Welcome to Church Power Accounting, a service of Accounting Link USA.   Accounting Link USA, a full service accounting firm with a CPA on staff, is dedicated to meeting the accounting, tax and financial needs of churches and faith-based organizations through our specialized service, Church Power Accounting (CPA).

Through Church Power Accounting, we offer our clients an in depth knowledge of the unique challenges facing churches and religious organizations today.  Our CPAs spend many hours each year staying abreast of the new regulations and current tax laws that will affect our non profit clients including churches, church schools, church daycares and other faith-based organizations. 

Our firm works with churches, ministries and faith-based organizations throughout the United States and overseas.

Accounting and Tax Services
Consulting Services

Our accounting firm provides consulting and advisory services to new and start up churches, church schools and church daycare centers across the USA.  As a growing church you may find you need the advice, support and guidance of an experienced Certified Public Accountant from time to time.

Our accountants can provide financial, management, operations and technology solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of churches, religious and other faith-based organizations.

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Church Power Accounting (CPA) is a specialized service provided by Accounting Link USA, an accounting firm serving the needs of churches, synagogues, church schools, church child care centers and other religious and faith-based organizations throughout the United States. Accounting Link USA is a subsidiary of Guy D. Sperduto, CPA, P.A.