Church Consulting and Advisory Services

Churches need the expertise and guidance of a Certified Public Accountant today more than ever. They are facing a new era of accountability, regulation and scrutiny that has never been seen before.

Church Power Accounting - Pembroke Pines Accountant

Our accounting firm understands these unique challenges and offers a highly specialized service, Church Power Accounting (CPA), just for churches, church schools, and other religious organizations.

Through Church Power Accounting (CPA), our accounting firm is dedicated to helping your organization become stronger so it can thrive and grow. We have a reputation for providing high quality service with a personal touch. Our specialized experience and expertise can help guide you to identify organizational challenges, make informed business decisions, incorporate the best stewardship practices, reduce costs and increase revenues and chart a path that will keep you on track.

We work with clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Our church consulting and advisory service include:

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Church Power Accounting (CPA) is a specialized service provided by Accounting Link USA, an accounting firm serving the needs of churches, synagogues, church schools, church child care centers and other religious and faith-based organizations throughout the United States. Accounting Link USA is a subsidiary of Guy D. Sperduto, CPA, P.A.